Imagining the Biden 2016 announcement

Let me be candid, because that’s the only way I know how to be. After this is all over, I fully expect Hillary to be the nominee. I know how much support she has earned across the country. I know how hard she has worked to make America a better place. If she is the nominee after we’ve both had a thorough, thoughtful and true dialogue, and she wins in November against whomever the Republicans put up, as I fully expect she would, I will literally—and I mean literally—go to bed with a smile on my face. Because I will be content knowing that the presidency is in good hands, and the next president will have an informed public squarely behind her.

But I submit to you that after working with nearly every major world leader, helping shape the Supreme Court and spearheading the implementation of the Recovery Act that prevented a 21st century Great Depression, I have a knowledge, expertise, and vision shaped by experience that almost no one has. I feel an obligation to share that hard-earned wisdom with you, and let you decide if I belong in the Oval Office, and not just tuck all I have learned in between the covers of a memoir.

I’m not afraid of losing, especially to someone I respect so much. I’m afraid of another campaign where presidential debates are like TV quiz shows.

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