Poll: 61% of Americans favor cooperating with Iran to contain Islamic State militants

In June, Secretary of State John Kerry would not commit to working with Iran, but he said the United States “wouldn’t rule out anything that would be constructive to providing real stability.”

The majority of the poll, conducted between June 28 and July 7, focuses on Iran’s nuclear program and the options for dealing with it, including sanctions. In total, the poll found, 61 percent of Americans were in favor of a long-term agreement that would limit Iran’s enrichment of uranium and force it to accept intrusive inspections of its nuclear program. A comparatively low 35 percent did not support Iran having any enrichment and would favor new sanctions on other countries to get them to cut their economic relationship with Iran.

Iran and other key players are currently in Vienna in a bid to reach an agreement about the nuclear program. Negotiations are set to continue until Sunday.

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