Report: U.S. government propaganda song about "death trains" tops charts in Central America

The Daily Beast reported that “La Bestia” is a hit song in Central America that is a part of America’s propaganda campaign to let Central Americans know about the dangers of the “death train,” which is also called “the beast.”

“Migrants from everywhere, entrenched along the rail ties. Far away from where they come, further away from where they go,” the song informs Central American listeners. “They call her the Beast from the South, this wretched train of death. With the devil in the boiler, whistles, roars, twists and turns.” The “La Bestia” song also “references Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, one of the violent gangs involved in human smuggling and whose members stalk the infamous train, preying on any migrants who dare ride it.”

According to the Daily Beast, “people throughout Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador call their local radio stations to request this song, a harrowing tale of violence and death set against the backdrop of Central America’s traditionally upbeat cumbia music.”

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