"I'm on your side, man"

‘Sit down,’ President Barack Obama begged – not ‘get out’ – after two Hispanic hecklers interrupted his economic speech on Thursday with shouts about illegal immigration.

Then, for the first time in his presidency, the Secret Service stood down and Obama promised to meet with them before he left…

The White House’s transcript of his remarks in the liberal enclave of Austin, Texas omits what the protesters said, but Obama replied, ‘I understand. See, everybody is going to start – I’m on your side, man. Sit down, guys, we’ll talk about it later, I promise.’

Before returning to his teleprompter, the president told his security force to take a step back.

‘You don’t have to escort them out,’ he ordered. ‘They’ll sit down.’

And then, again directed at his hecklers: ‘I promise I’ll talk to you afterwards.’