Video: D'Souza and MSNBC host in explosive battle over slavery, 'radical' Obama

D’Souza contended that people exaggerate past sins like taking land from Native Americans and slavery. Dyson challenged him on slavery, arguing it was worse (to a degree) when America did it because there was actually religious justification being trotted out. D’Souza pointed out there were free black slave owners back then, and furthermore, slavery was abominable, but the United States “fought a great war to end it.”

Boehlert challenged D’Souza on another issue he’s raised: Obama and Hillary Clinton are radicals influenced by Saul Alinsky tactics. Boehlert said D’Souza completely misrepresents liberalism and makes out Obama and Clinton to be these “monsters of the left.”

D’Souza insisted that Obama was strongly influenced by and admires Alinsky’s tactics, while Clinton had an actual relationship with him, and so the criticism is perfectly legitimate.