Actually, getting rich is Hillary's greatest achievement

If I had to pick a reason to vote for Hillary, it would be her wealth. She should own it. It’s her greatest success. Through her speaking engagements and terrible ghost-written books, she is worth somewhere between $25 and $50 million. Bill’s net worth is around $80 million (or more). Even combined, that’s nothing like the Koch money, or even John Kerry or Mitt Romney money, as the Washington Post helpfully pointed out recently. (One thing wealthy folks don’t understand is that the average American doesn’t really make much of a distinction between $130 million or a billion, anyway. You’re just really rich. And it’s ok.)

Nearly every candidate tries to create intimacy with the common man’s struggles. Populists like to argue that the rich are incapable of comprehending the problems ordinary Americans face or of having empathy for the poor. This accusation is selectively deployed, of course. The Senate is teeming with affluent Democrats who are given a pass on their bank accounts, because, as someone once explained to me, the wealthy liberal advocates for raising taxes on themselves, so they are selfless. Which means, conveniently enough, that wealthy conservatives can always be dismissed as having ideas that are self-serving.