Chris McDaniel confirms the worst GOP stereotypes

Maybe I’m old school, but I still believe conservatism’s goal should be to serve as a serious, grounded governing philosophy. It certainly was that during Ronald Reagan’s presidency, a man Chris McDaniel holds out to be his hero.

But if that conservative ideal of governance is nudged aside and replaced by something that’s just a rallying cry for angry lost causes, it’s hard to imagine how the left won’t win. And when you look around and see how many oddball groups are using the McDaniel loss as a fundraising gimmick, it’s even more depressing.

If that vision of a “shining city on a hill” is replaced by a cul de sac where opportunists gather to raise money from the bitter, conservatism will start to resemble everything Ronald Reagan opposed.

Governor Mike Huckabee likes to say he’s a “conservative but he’s just not mad at anybody about it.” Chris McDaniel has stood that on its head: he’s not particularly conservative but he’s mad at everything.