Hillary: I feel liberated to speak my mind

Hillary Clinton said Friday that she’s “totally done” curbing her speech for political reasons and finds her new perspective “liberating,” following a week of bruising headlines over missteps in her first round of interviews to promote her new book…

“I say in the book that maybe it’s just the wonderful wealth of experience that I now have,” Clinton told Muscatine. “Maybe it’s because I am totally done with, you know, being really careful about what to say because somebody might think this instead of that. It just gets too exhausting and frustrating and it just seemed a whole lot easier to just put it out there and [I] hope people get used to it — whether you agree with it or not you know exactly where I come from, what I think, what I feel.”

Clinton, who has been trying to position herself as a post-partisan figure who can rise above the fray, added, “I really believe that’s missing in our, both our government dialogue …. and certainly in our political dialogue. There are so many big issues and I talk about some of them both internationally and nationally, and I don’t think we gain by either shouting matches or finger-pointing or biting one’s tongue. I think we really need to have a very open straightforward conversation.”