If you want to ban guns, just say so

Second: Ever since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the president has repeatedly implied that passing his legislation would have helped stop most of these attacks – as if we didn’t already have background checks in this nation. Even in California, where stringent gun control laws surpass anything Obama has proposed, citizens are not immune from someone like Elliot Rodger. Obama knows this. The ineffective and redundant legislation Democrats are peddling these days is meant to be a broad victory against the culture of guns and the NRA.

So it’d be far more useful to talk about Australian policy, because they haven’t had a mass shooting since. Is there an American alive who doesn’t desire this outcome? What in Australian plan would Obama like to implement here in the United States, since he’s brought it up twice now. Surely he doesn’t believe that a watered down legislative effort now sitting in Washington is enough? What is enough?