These latest moves show the inner Obama has been unleashed

When he came into office in 2009, Obama immediately pursued an $830 billion economic stimulus bill that financed a litany of liberal causes and then he spent another year pushing through sweeping health care legislation. But many of his other ambitions were stymied by a combination of logistics, congressional opposition, and his political ambitions.

Like the end of his first term, in his second term, Obama has not been able to move any of his major legislative priorities through the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. But now, he’s no longer facing re-election, so he’s been more willing to assert himself in areas where the president typically has more influence – foreign affairs and regulatory policy.

In his first term, Obama fought against Iran sanctions until Congress overwhelmingly passed them and he was forced into changing course.

But in his second term, Obama has engaged in a aggressive diplomatic effort with Iran that has already allowed the radical Islamic regime to pocket significant concessions (such as U.S. acknowledging the Iranian right to enrich uranium), without reducing the likelihood that Iran will be able to reach nuclear capability.