The eight stupidest arguments being made about Obama's Bergdahl swap

2) People who called for his release but are now critical are flip-flopping hypocrites!

So Vox, Gawker and Slate all ran nearly identical pieces about people who had called on Obama to release Bergdahl but then got mad when he did it. And not just any people. These people include such luminaries as “lemontree46,” “Shannon //(*_~),” and “JazzyVajazzleds.” (And no, I did not make any of those names up.) I mean, not that pointing out tweets from random people isn’t what explanatory journalism was invented for, but the entire argument is lame. I don’t typically quote John Maynard Keynes but remember his line about changing positions? He said, “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?” If Shannon-forward-slash-forward-slash-open-parentheses-asterisk-underscore-tilde-closed-parentheses-back-slash-back-slash thought — during the times no one was breaking their non-disclosure agreement to reveal eye-witness testimony about Bergdahl’s behavior — that this was a P.O.W. situation and then found out after the Rose Garden ceremony that it was much more complicated, should she have refused to change her mind? Really?