Democrats' "war on women" strategy still works. For now.

A new Washington Post-ABC News polls shows that women are increasingly engaged in the midterm elections, and energized by “women’s issues,” although the economy, health care and how Washington works rank as the highest priorities. …

Overall, the poll shows that women have a more positive view of Obama than men–50 percent of women approve of the job that he is doing, while 42 percent of men approve. Since January, the president’s approval rating among women has seen a slight uptick, while men’s opinion of Obama has been on a slight decline.

Women also trust Obama more than they trust Republicans in Congress to deal with the country’s challenges–45 percent pick Obama, with 36 percent choosing Republicans in Congress. For men, it’s a tie, 40 percent to 40 percenct. Overall, though, Obama has lost ground among women, with Republicans gaining some ground. In December of 2012, women trusted Obama much more–57 percent picked him over Congress. The decline to 43 percent in December of 2013, came as the White House grappled with the disastrous health care Web site rollout.