Hillary Clinton's Senate years curiously missing from her memoirs

There’s a reason for that. Clinton’s Senate career is the awkward middle-distance period in her case for the presidency. When she speaks in public these days — she’ll be doing more after the book is released — Clinton tends to talk about either her time at the State Department or her years in the White House. The Senate? Not so much.

Clinton was a lackluster, team-player senator. There was just one big moment in her career as a lawmaker — her vote to authorize U.S. forces to go to war in Iraq — and it’s one many of her supporters would like to forget.

Clinton’s Senate career started with accusations that she was a carpetbagger, which of course she was. As her husband’s second term came to an end, she had a spike of popularity as the wronged wife, and rumors spread that she was considering a political run.

Born and raised in Illinois — never a resident of New York — Clinton chose to run in the Empire State because it was politically blue and, most importantly, happened to have an open Senate seat in 2000.