The worst week of the Obama presidency

For Republicans, the midterm elections still have to be about the economy and Obamacare. With all the noise and confusion this week, it was underreported that President Obama’s own Commerce Department released the second GDP estimate for the first quarter of 2014, which revealed that GDP growth actually contracted by a full percentage point from January through March, heading into recession territory. That’s big news.

Meanwhile, Democrats are trying to say that Republicans are going wobbly in the face of growing Obamacare enrollment numbers. That’s wishful thinking. The administration’s enrollment claims don’t tell half the story. Republicans need to double down on the idea that Obamacare is a travesty – that it is the perfect example of government run amuck and it is bad health care and economic policy to boot. And, the more people who are forced to enroll in Obamacare, the more dissatisfaction will grow, as more Americans suffer from increasingly expensive premiums, fewer health-care options and providers and a deductible that many Americans just can’t afford. The Democrats hope that millions of dissatisfied Americans will learn to grin and bear it and develop amnesia before Nov. 4.

It has been a colossal train wreck of a week for the Democrats. It has been compelling to watch. But the good news for the Democrats is the bad news for Republicans: That this too shall pass. Remember, it’s still only May.

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