Rush Limbaugh predicts a Redskins name change "sooner rather than later"

“So the National Congress of American Indians, they’re leading the charge here to get all the NFL players to do what? Well they’re sending letters to the teams and they’re tweeting directly to the players with the hashtag — oh it’s a hashtag campaign! — #rightsideofhistory….

“They’re bringing out the big guns on this Redskins business,” Limbaugh said. “They’ve got a hashtag here, #rightsideofhistory. Look, they’ve tried talking to [Daniel] Snyder. They’ve tried talking to [Roger] Goodell to talk to Snyder. They’ve tried to go to the other owners to talk to Snyder to talk to Goodell. They’ve tried talking to Bruce Allen, the president and CEO, general manager of the Redskins. That hasn’t gotten ‘em anywhere. So now they’re gonna go big guns. Time for the hashtag now.

“You know, I’m sure it was a last resort,” Limbaugh said. “They are going to go to players who use the N-word against and about each other on the field to pressure the Redskins to change their name…. They should have done this first. But they tried all the other direct appeals. Now essentially they’re trying to enlist this massive number of low-information Twitterverse people to get this thing done.

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