Bald-faced lie: Eric Cantor claims pro-amnesty group endorsed his conservative opponent

“Just yesterday, a liberal pro-amnesty group held a rally and encouraged their supporters to vote in our election for our opponent because Congressman Cantor is standing up to Obama on illegal immigration,” Cantor’s campaign said in a May 29 email to supporters.

The statement caught PolitiFact’s attention because we attended the May 28 rally at the state Capitol held by Casa de Virginia, a group that supports immigration reform.

The speakers certainly needled Cantor, the House majority leader, for not scheduling a vote on a bill to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws. They held signs saying “Eric Cantor: the one man blocking immigration reform,” and “Eric Cantor Give us a vote!”

But we didn’t hear anyone endorse Brat, who accuses Cantor of being soft on immigration.

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