16 questions Brian Williams didn't ask Edward Snowden

8. When you were in Hong Kong, you revealed several classified American surveillance programs conducted by the NSA against the Chinese. In particular, you disclosed that the NSA engaged in computer espionage at Tsinghua University, where primary advisers to the Chinese government on arms issues work, and hacked into systems of Pacnet, an Asian provider of global telecommunications service that operates EAC-C2C—the leading fiber-optic submarine cable network in Asia, connecting Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines and Singapore. What purpose did you have for doing that? In particular, because of the importance of Tsinghua in allowing the American government to obtain intelligence on Chinese arms activities, how did you come to believe that revealing that would not compromise United States security? Finally, regarding Pacnet, do you believe American surveillance of individuals overseas is improper?

9. You also disclosed surveillance activities involving American allies. Were you briefed on or did you see documentation on the purpose of those activities? In disclosing them, there is no question that you have damaged relationships between America and some of its allies—other governments have explicitly said so. What was the purpose of revealing that? And why do you believe that this has not harmed America’s security or its ability to work with allies?

10. Do you believe that surveillance in foreign nations is intrinsically wrong?

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