Is Edward Snowden really a "spy"?

Still, if he did have a lot of high-level spy training, it would appear that either the training stinks or he was an exceptionally poor student, judging by his actions.

Snowden has said that he’d planned his leak for months in advance, and boasted that he had saved enough money to maintain his independence for years (though in November of last year his Russian lawyer, who also works with the country’s FSB security service, said Snowden was out of cash.) He told Williams he didn’t want to stay in Russia. “I had a flight booked to Cuba onwards to Latin America, and I was stopped because the United States government decided to revoke my passport and trap me in Moscow Airport.”

So a trained American spy only started making arrangements for his flight after he’d blown his own cover. And thought that China (Hong Kong), Russia, or Cuba were good choices for someone eager to present themselves as a patriotic whistleblower. As for his passport being revoked – well, yes. That’s pretty standard when trying to catch an absconding fugitive. Wouldn’t a spy know that, too?

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