Obama still undecided on Shinseki for some reason

President Barack Obama hasn’t decided to fire Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki — at least, not yet.

But he has reached the point where he doesn’t know if Shinseki will be able to fix the problems at the VA, White House aides said Wednesday.

When the president essentially put the VA secretary on probation last week, he said his red line in this situation would be evidence that the misconduct at Veterans Affairs had to be “systemic.”

The VA Inspector General’s report released Wednesday says the evidence is clear: there are “systemic patient safety issues and possible wrongful deaths.”

But while the IG report didn’t help Shinseki’s case, White House aides say the president’s still waiting to make a final decision until he has more information: a report from Shinseki himself due to the White House this week and one from Rob Nabors, the deputy chief of staff he put in charge of a separate review, which is due in June.

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