Democrats' approach to civil rights has gone through the looking glass

As racism goes, so goes its ally, the War on Women, which back in 2012 meant asking women to pay for their own birth control pills, (about $9 a month at your neighborhood Costco), instead of having them put on the taxpayers’ tab.

This made an instant sensation of Sandra Fluke, a 31-year-old law student from Georgetown, who felt this an undue strain on her finances and even her intellect, which won her a prime speaking role at the Democratic convention in August and launched a run for state senate in California this year.

But the war on the War on Women now means a War on Women with Cancer, them being the women who took to the press last fall and winter to say that Obamacare’s changes had interfered with their treatments, and caused them much higher payments as well.

When Edie Littlefield Sunby in California and Julie Boonstra in Michigan made these complaints, they were attacked by the White House and by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from the floor of the Senate.

Gary Peters, running for the Senate in Michigan, even threatened to sue any station that aired Boonstra’s words.

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