Israel is better off with Arab tyrants running the region

A look at the 22 states of the Arab world provides a feeling that it’s more helpful for us to have a rais with iron fists in charge of the security and army systems. Any other adventure, in the name of freedom of expression and human rights, is asking for trouble.

Al-Sisi has already thrown a crushing remark towards all those developing high expectations, that this is not the time to dream about democracy. First of all, he will build the country, and the economy, and the investments, and the tourism, and will settle the score with the Islamists. Good for him.

From our angle, the important thing is that he promised Sinai would not be a center of terror against Eilat, and all the rest is the problem of 90 million people in Egypt. It’s not our problem.

Two-thirds of the citizens of the neighboring countries – Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan – and the countries in the second circle – Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia and Iraq – are young people under the age of 30. Some of them are university graduates, the large majority is unemployed and frustrated, and the government only gives a hoot about them when they go out to protest against it.

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