Democratic Hillary apostates scramble to kiss the ring ahead of 2016

Political observers have various theories about what is at play here. Although no one contacted for this article would admit to being pressured to get on board early after last cycle’s betrayal, in HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton, the authors, Washington-based correspondents Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, revealed that the Clintons kept an “enemies list” of who had not been loyal during the campaign. Clinton loyalists downplayed the significance of the document, but it has been hard to not notice that over the last six years Bill Clinton especially has vigorously campaigned on behalf of those who supported Hillary.

“They certainly know that the Clintons take note and keep score,” said Larry Sabato, a political historian at the University of Virginia. “This is not a couple that easily forgives and forgets. So this is kiss-and-make-up time for most of these people.”

But he added that there may still be a chance of redemption for those apostates if they come back into the fold right out of the gate—or really, before the gate has even lifted—this time around.

“Deep down the Clintons must have the fear that someone like Barack Obama will come out of nowhere and do it again,” he said.

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