Video: "Obama was against gay marriage in 2008, does he have to resign?"

A few weeks ago, the CEO of Mozilla was forced to resign because it was revealed in 2008, he supported Prop 8, California’s ban on gay marriage. A bad law, yes, but 52% of Californians voted for it. Did they have to resign? Obama was against gay marriage in 2008, does he have to resign? Hillary came around just last year, can she be president?

You can’t purge everybody who doesn’t evolve exactly on the timetable you did. It reminds me of the immigrant whose been in America for all of a year and looks at someone who came over last week, like, ‘boat people, am I right?’

Or take the case of the Benham brothers. They had a home rehab show scheduled on HDTV, but it got canned after websites got quotes of them saying, get this, that gays are possessed by demons. Yes, these two nitwits actually told Glenn Beck that Satan uses gay people to promote a demonic agenda to silence the message of Jesus. I disagree with that. I do. That opinion is different from mine on virtually every assertion in that sentence.

But if you’re a Christian, you may condemn their homophobia but they got it out of the same dumb book that you also revere.

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