This VA scandal is bipartisan

It is inexcusable that the president said he learned about the VA crisis on television, sent his staff to tell Americans he is angry about the alleged deaths, let his press secretary dish ridiculous spin that the departure of a VA official who was already leaving represented accountability, and retreated into media seclusion on the matter until Wednesday.

Republicans in Congress were no better. Every member of the House and Senate works on cases for veterans. Numerous committees have oversight duties they neglected. They, like the president, learned about this scandal from television. They, like the VA and White House staff, did nothing to prevent it. In a Congress that will be remembered for how many vacations it took, how little work it accomplished and how much taxpayer money Republicans misused investigating Democrats rather than veterans care, shame on GOP partisans who parade to the cameras today. You bet I criticize Obama here, but House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) has many vets in his district. Before he criticizes Obama, he might tell us when he first learned about this VA crisis, and what he did.

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