Reversal: Eric Cantor stresses support for letting DREAMers enlist in military

“If you’ve got a kid that was brought here by their parents — unbeknownst to the child — and that they’ve grown up in this country and not known any other, and they want to serve in our military, they ought to be allowed to do that and then have the ability to become a citizen after that kind of service,” Cantor said a brief interview Wednesday evening.

Echoing statements from Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) earlier this week, Cantor said the legalization measure was “not something that is appropriate” to include in the National Defense Authorization Act, a sweeping bill that sets policy for the Pentagon…

Cantor, who controls the floor schedule, did not rule out a potential standalone vote on the ENLIST Act later this year, saying that the lawmakers involved with the bill are “still working on language” and that “no decisions have been made” on potential floor action.

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