Global warming alarmists are getting desperate

Brown’s effort is typical of the political-informational complex’s new tactics. In the face of the inconvenient truths that hurricane activity has been on the decline and there was a frustratingly dismal season of storms for alarmists last year, that record cold temperatures last winter can hardly be blamed on global warming , that the slowing rate of increase in global temperatures is on the verge of falling beneath even the lowest projections of virtually all climate-change models, the alarmists are trying to keep global warming hysteria hot by throwing pocketbook issues into the furnace. That’s why we’re seeing a major uptick in global bathos, via headlines like “Climate Change May Be Killing Our Fancy Coffee.” Oh well, Maxwell House struck everybody as good enough for 80 years. The progressives at ThinkProgress warn of a possible guacapocalypse at Chipotle due to climate change. Is “Your Breakfast Under Assault from Climate Change“? Of course it is, you denier. Frosted Flakes prices could go up 20 percent….by 2030. Stockpile now! Or maybe give up Frosted Flakes and invest that money in future beachfront property in Orlando, because 2030 is also the year the alarmists tell us Miami is going underwater. (Really? From a sea-level rise of 3 mm per year? That adds up to 1.9 inches by 2030.) Oh, and if you think mankind can somehow muddle through climate change, you’re a Nazi.

Even alarmist publications like The New York Times are forced sheepishly to correct other alarmists (The Times’ environmental blogger wrote, “Some headlines are completely overwrought — as with this NBC offering: ‘West Antarctic Ice Sheet’s Collapse Triggers Sea Level Warning.’ This kind of coverage could be interpreted to mean there’s an imminent crisis”). No wonder a Yale study discovered that the most scientifically-literate Americans are less frightened of climate change than their low-information neighbors.

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