Wife defends blogger who took video of Cochran’s wife

Tara Kelly said her husband was working to get the “Constitutional Clayton” blog and YouTube channel off the ground “when he received tips from someone on the Internet that Thad Cochran was having an affair” with a longtime staffer…

Tara Kelly said she told her husband “it wouldn’t be a good idea to take pictures of this woman … If my grandmother were in there, I wouldn’t want someone taking her picture.”

But she said “Clayton thought this was the big scoop he needed to get his blog off the ground.”…

“Now, here’s where it gets tricky,” Tara Kelly said. “The video was up for about an hour and a half when Clayton received word, either through Facebook or the phone, I’m not sure, that ‘the big man,’ meaning Chris McDaniel, wanted it taken down. The exact words, I remember Clayton told me, were ‘the big man himself says take it down.’ Clayton was already going to take it down, but did so at that time.”

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