California needs Alec Baldwin

This new Alec Baldwin, with his live-and-let live sensibilities, disdain for government shakedowns, and desire for privacy—this libertarian-leaning Alec Baldwin—is an intriguing character. Moreover, if he actually does relocate, he’d be going to a state where many actors have successfully sought political office. George Murphy, Ronald Reagan, Sony Bono, Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Clint Eastwood—Republicans all—were performing artists before they were politicians. Although he’s a Democrat, Baldwin would fit right in.

Moreover, he’s needed in California. Here, state and local governments are even more overextended than in New York—and more creative at bleeding the citizenry dry. If a cop in the Golden State sees you make a “California stop,” i.e. rolling through a stop sign, the typical ticket is $238—eight times what is was in 1992 when Baldwin, as the malevolent “Blake,” was getting them to sign on the line which is dotted in “Glengarry Glen Ross.” And God forbid an otherwise law-abiding Californian runs a red light: The fine is $490, plus another $59 for traffic school.

Now there’s a regressive tax for you, one that hits the poor and working class particularly hard. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Baldwin fight one of those tickets in front of someone such as Oakland traffic commissioner Taylor Culver, who’s been known to bellow to defendants who ask for a reduction in their fine, “Nobody here is special or better than anybody. There’s nobody here special but me.”

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