The media's abortion problem

Journalists should want to make us hear the plaintive and desperate cry of that child. Journalists should want to make us confront the gangrenous underbelly of our society, where suffering and anxiety and helplessness and death thrive. Journalists should want to make us look with clarity on that which we prefer to be obscured, to disturb our comfortable complacence.

Instead they enable that complacence, and in so doing enable the Gosnells of the world. For, despite loud protestations from abortion advocates (that are credulously accepted by the media), there must be more Gosnells. Nurses in Houston, for instance, saw Dr. Douglas Karpen twist the heads off of live babies with his bare hands. Never heard of Dr. Douglas Karpen? Exactly.

All these stories are only a smattering of what we know about abortion in America, and in not a single case was the story uncovered by the mainstream news media. More than that: In every case the news media covered these unflattering portraits of our abortion regime at all, they did so briefly and grudgingly. Imagine what we would know if the media treated the abortion industry with the even a scintilla of the suspicion with which they treat other billion-dollar industries. Imagine what atrocities might have been stopped. Imagine how many lives—women and children—might have been saved. Imagine what reforms would be clamored for.

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