Harping on Hillary's health will only hurt Republicans

We live in an age hypersensitive about “bullying.” Appearing to pick on someone is not a smart move — especially when polls show that person defeating every Republican presidential challenger by 9 to 14 percentage points and possibly on track to become the first woman President of the United States.

Showcasing Hillary’s real or imagined health issues is less likely to turn Independent swing voters and Democrats against Hillary Clinton than to remind them why they hate Republicans.

The Clintons invented the modern style of no-holds-barred politics. It’s unlikely Hillary would be scared away from running by an early taste of GOP political warfare. In fact, she’s more likely to go out of her way to prove that she is healthy and rearing to go.

Seriously, if the GOP’s 2016 strategy is to make the race about Hillary’s present health and past political scandals (of which there are many, including Benghazi), we can look forward to winning about 100 electoral-college votes.

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