Boehner should have Lois Lerner arrested

Use it or lose it. That’s the message for House Speaker John Boehner. If he thinks Congress has the power to arrest Lois Lerner for contempt, now is the time. If he shrinks from sending the sergeant at arms to bring Lerner to the Capitol jail after the full House held her in contempt, he’s weakening his own institution.

And if this case is not worth a fight, what is? The ex-official of the Internal Revenue Service has been ordered to continue testifying in the House’s investigation into whether President Obama’s tax collectors tried to throw the 2012 election by targeting conservative groups. It’s hard to think of a more serious issue…

My own view is that the Lerner case is more serious than all of those, including the saber-rattling by the French and the perfidy of the communists. Her testimony is needed to investigate a suspected plot inside our own government to subvert the very democratic process by which the government is chosen.

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