Aw: Dems miss Romney as midterms near

“You always want to be able to personify the opposition, and Romney was the perfect way to do that. In fact, he couldn’t have been more perfect,” said one former senior White House official. “He was the gift that kept on giving with all of his out-of-touch statements, his homes. Who can forget the car elevator? There isn’t a perfect figure anymore, and that will tougher for us.”

Republicans decried the attacks on Romney as unfair, and are hoping to get their revenge by handing Democrats another “shellacking” in November.

Kirsten Kukowski, a press secretary at the Republican National Committee, said Democrats have “relied on fake narratives instead of substance for far too long,” and “it’s catching up to them.”

“The Democrats talking about the Koch brothers and trying to find the next boogeyman shows voters just how out of touch they are, out of touch with voters who are concerned with a Democrat Party that has increased government’s reach into our lives, that has left us with an unstable economy, and a failed healthcare law that has resulted in loss of care and increased insurance costs.”

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