Jeb 2016: The battle within the Bush family

Jeb Bush’s decision whether to run for president in 2016 is being driven by competing impulses within his own family. On one side is his eldest son, George P., who’s unabashedly and publicly supportive of his father’s potential candidacy. On the other are Jeb Bush’s mother and wife, who are clearly reluctant. In between is his older brother, George W., who is passively supportive but seems to friends to be more indifferent than enthusiastic…

Some veterans of Jeb’s father’s and brother’s campaigns want the family back in the White House.

One longtime Jeb Bush friend, describing his current state of mind, said “enormous pressure” is being brought to bear on him by the “network” — a loose alliance of donors from his father’s and brother’s presidential campaigns, lured by the luster of recapturing past magic.

Many of them have made public appeals for him as the best candidate to run — Mel Sembler and Al Hoffman, two H.W. Bush-era donors who were involved with Jeb’s campaigns in Florida, have been among the most vocal.

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