Kerry told Syrian rebels that west "wasted a year" in fight against Assad

Inside the meeting, Kerry told the Syrian opposition leaders that he understood their desire for more advanced arms. But he did not make any specific commitments for new American aid. He told the Syrian leaders the United States had been doing its best to help the Syria people and would continue to do so.

“Secretary Kerry was very emotional and sympathetic to the Syrian cause, and he supports the Syrian revolution and the Syrian people,” Bashir said. “We have so much hope that there will be changes in the policy.”

It’s been well reported that Kerry has been frustrated with the Obama administration’s Syria policy for a long time and has been advocating internally for more robust aid to the rebels, only to be stymied repeatedly by the White House…

The Free Syrian Army is now fighting on two fronts, against the regime and against ISIS. The Syrian Opposition Coalition has compiled extensive evidence that the regime and ISIS are cooperating to fight against the FSA, by aiding each other both on and off the battlefield. The New York Times has reported that ISIS is selling oil directly to the regime, helping fuel Assad’s war machine while filling its own coffers.

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