Harry Reid packed a lot of nonsense into one week

As I have written before, Reid has long practiced the art of keeping his enemies closer with Adelson, occasionally chatting with the man worth $38 billion. Adelson likes Reid; Reid likes Adelson.

But to say there is some moral difference between Adelson and the Kochs is a magical parsing that even the shameless Reid can’t possibly believe. The Kochs and Adelson are both ideological. They both want to make money. And, yes, Senator Reid, they both are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to influence politicians to do what they want, in some cases to undermine organized labor and in some cases to help them make even more money.

Oh, and they both would rather not see you be in your current job come January.

Salon’s Jim Newell captured it well and noted, “This is not a good look for Harry Reid. It’s obvious to anyone that the only reason Reid would say such kind things about Adelson, who drops a lot of money to defeat Democrats on the federal level, is because the two share a residency in Nevada.”

Reid wasn’t done, either. He told Todd, using the same number Obama has, that he, unlike LBJ, had to overcome 500 filibusters as majority leader. This is patently false. Reid, a process master, knows this. But – I know I say this all the time – he just does not care.

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