Feminists, please don't ruin baseball

At heart, feminism seems to be about helping people deal with their inability to accept the difficult reality of biology. Women are strong. It’s just that we have completely different types of strength than men. And what that really means is that comparing the possibility of females on MLB teams to Jackie Robinson is silly at best.

Jackie Robinson and other top black players who had played well for years at the professional level were kept out of baseball. Now, only 8.3 percent of players on 2014 opening day rosters identified themselves as African-American or black, according to Major League Baseball (down from a high of 19 percent in 1986). Of course, more than three-quarters of NBA players are black, so racial disparities are not just one-sided.

But it seems silly that out of the millions upon millions of women who’ve distinguished themselves athletically, we can’t really point to anyone as being worthy of a spot on an MLB roster, much less undeniably. This isn’t because of the sexism of sports but the reality of sex distinctions. Women and men are different. And these sex-distinction deniers need to just come to terms with that.

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