Who will be the Democrats' truth-seeker on the Benghazi committee?

Ironically, Fox, much ridiculed for its Benghazi coverage, finds itself in a similar position as The Washington Post back in late 1972 and early 1973 when it was aggressively investigating the Watergate scandal that seemed to reach into the Nixon White House. While Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein investigated, most of Nixon’s fellow Republicans and much of the news media just yawned. Republicans spun the Democratic allegations of a White House coverup as a partisan witch-hunt against Nixon, whom Democrats despised.

But the tide turned against Nixon in the Spring of 1973 when the Senate, controlled by Democrats, created the Senate Watergate Committee to hold hearings into the alleged coverup of the burglary of the DNC offices. When the bipartisan committee was announced, there was partisan carping from Republicans that Democrats had a vendetta against Nixon. But there were not orchestrated calls for Republicans to boycott the hearings like we hear today from Democrats opposed to the GOP-created committee to look into Benghazi.

Where is the Democrats’ Howard Baker?

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