Mother's Day is the worst

3) It’s Mostly Celebrated By Ungrateful Amateurs

In the same way that only the most poorly trained people are out boozing it up on New Year’s Eve or St. Patrick’s Day, much of Mother’s Day is about the people who know the least about the holiday’s meaning being its most exuberant practitioners. By this I mean that it’s mostly celebrated by people who do a bad job of showing appreciation to their mums the previous 364 days out of the year.

I tell my kids this sappy thing that I actually mean: Every day is Mother’s Day for me. I thank God daily that I have been blessed with wonderful children. And they show me love and appreciation every day (No, they’re not teenagers yet. Why do you ask?). And my own mother knows that I love her more than anything because I call her all the time and keep her involved in my life. And I tell her regularly.

But we all know folks who are frenzied the week before Mother’s Day, worried about disappointing their mother if they don’t get a huge bouquet or perfect gift. I used to think it was kind of weird that the mothers put that much pressure on their kids. Then I realized that this whole dynamic was frequently because the mothers genuinely felt under-appreciated and their children knew they’d kind of been ungrateful.

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