Krauthammer: I hope the Democrats boycott the Benghazi committee

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I don’t think you have to have a committee of seven experts. I think it is good to choose people who will not seek the limelight. The most important thing here is that the legitimacy of the committee will not come from the composition, but will come from its results. So, the Democrats imagine that if they boycott it will delegitimize it and the results will be ignored. Perhaps initially, but all the committee has to do is to discover new facts as we discovered a week and a half ago with the [Ben] Rhodes memo and that you cannot ignore.

So I hope that Pelosi decides that she does not want to be an accomplice to the sideshow and withholds Democratic members. It won’t affect the result, but what it will do, it will allow the Republicans to follow up in their questions in a coherent way without being interrupted by Democrats hurling softballs or making speeches that are ways to essentially exonerate the administration.

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