Insurers: 80-90% of ObamaCare sign-ups are paying their first premiums, not 67%

Wellpoint, the largest insurer in the Obamacare exchanges, said the payment rate is closer to 90 percent among people who reached their first payment deadline. The company has given investors the same estimate.

Health Care Service Corp., which administers Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in several states, told the committee the same thing: Of plans that have reached their payment deadlines, about 80 percent to 90 percent are paid enrollments.

Energy and Commerce asked insurers for their total number of sign-ups and the total number of paid enrollments as of April 15. And that number was indeed around 70 percent, insurers said. But nearly 1 million people chose plans in April. Their first bill wasn’t due yet on April 15, but Energy and Commerce went ahead and counted them as unpaid sign-ups.

The committee’s 67 percent figure will remain true only if none of those people make their first payment. And that seems unlikely: Insurers said their 80 percent to 90 percent payment rate was consistent across all six months of the open-enrollment period.

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