Brendan Eich is scarier than Donald Sterling

Brendan Eich donated money to a political campaign, Yes on Proposition 8, which served no other purpose but to overturn the 2008 California Supreme Court case In re Marriage Cases. It sought to invalidate the marriage licenses of thousands of people in the largest state in the Union and prevent all the future marriages of same-sex couples in that state.

You know, there’s a lot of nasty allegations about Sterling using his money and his power over private enterprises he owned—his apartment buildings and his ownership of the Clippers organization—to financially screw over people of color.

And that’s bad, don’t get me wrong. It’s really, really bad. But did Donald Sterling ever donate money to a campaign for a constitutional amendment to overturn Loving v. Virginia and make interracial marriages illegal? Did Sterling ever try to use the power of the state to annul the marriages of thousands of people he never met because he disapproved of them?

No, he did not. But Eich did.

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