Why you should start buying Marco Rubio stock

But, consider this:

* Rubio’s outspokenness on the necessity of an aggressive foreign policy puts him squarely in line with where the GOP establishment sees itself — and sets up a stark contrast with the non-interventionism of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

* Rubio is the most naturally talented candidate in the 2016 field, with the possible exception of Chris Christie. And, in a presidential race, charisma and natural ability matters — a lot.

* Aside from immigration, which will continue to be a problem for Rubio with some parts of the base, his record is decidedly conservative. (He was the 17th most conservative Senator, according to National Journal’s 2013 vote ratings.)

* He can likely raise the tens of millions he would need to be competitive in the first few states thanks to his national reputation among major contributors — built during his 2010 Senate bid — and his base in the donor-rich state of Florida.

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