Gay Republican runs against the LGBT lobby

The literature the group distributed featured a photoshopped image of DeMaio standing near a man dressed in drag. They were allegedly sent to members of the African American community.

Gregory T. Angelo, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans—which has endorsed DeMaio’s congressional bid—told The Daily Beast the incident is “an example of both gay baiting and race baiting.”

“If anyone on the right had put out a postcard against a gay Democrat with a photoshopped image of a drag queen next to them, and sent it to individuals specifically within the African American community, liberals would be howling, and it would become a nation-wide story…When we talk about liberal hypocrisy, and especially liberal hypocrisy within the LGBT community, this is what we’re referring to.”…

And yet, despite the homophobic attacks, many LGBT groups either declined to endorse DeMaio or were openly hostile to him during the mayor’s race. The openly gay candidate was even booed at a local gay pride parade.

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