President Obama has lost his war on cynicism

But now, as he’s entering the part of his presidency often described as the “six-year itch,” an April survey from Harvard University’s Institute of Politics points to a younger generation that instead has become entirely disillusioned with Washington and its institutions.

Among the findings, just 32 percent of Americans ages 18 to 29 who were surveyed said that they trust the president to do the right thing at least most of the time, and just 20 percent said they trusted the federal government.

Other questions reveled a similar level of discouragement — or, one might say, cynicism. Of survey respondents, 62 percent agreed with the statement that “elected officials seem to be motivated by selfish reasons,” compared with just 7 percent who disagreed. Also, 48 percent agreed that “politics today are no longer able to meet the challenges our country is facing” — compared to just 14 percent who disagreed.

Another question found that 51 percent agreed with the statement, “I am concerned about the moral direction of the country,” compared with just 15 percent who disagreed.

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