What's the NSA up to now? Training more cyberwarriors

The U.S. needs more cyberwarriors, and it needs them fast, according to . He plans to more than triple the size of the Pentagon’s Cyber Command over the next two years.

But where will they come from? These are not the kind of skills you can teach in basic training.

Enter the embattled National Security Agency. Its new director, Adm. Michael Rogers, also directs the Cyber Command. Ten miles down the road from the NSA, at a defense contractor’s office in Columbia, Md., the NSA recently held a live-fire aimed at developing more cyberwarriors.

In a long room at the facility, big speakers pump electro house music. Several dozen people, many in military uniforms, cluster around computer stations. Hovering above them is the image of a skull and bones — a big Jolly Roger pirate flag.

This is a roomful of break-in artists — people who are experts at hacking into other people’s computers.

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