No, ObamaCare didn't "save the economy" last quarter

Why, it’s almost like one of Obamacare’s major stated goals was to reduce health care spending as a percentage of GDP, so that that money could be spent on more productive aspects of the economy! The president’s economists know this, which is why they put so much effort into pushing the meme that Obamacare would reduce health care costs.

Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happened. Despite numerous promises that Obamacare would “bend the cost curve downward,” health care costs have continued to increase. Given all the other blatantly broken promises about Obamacare (keeping your doctor, your health plan, etc.), though, it’s not exactly surprising.

At this point the Venn diagram of Obamacare Promises and Obamacare Results resembles two lonely circles, miles apart, never to meet. And in no way is that a good thing, no matter what the Obamacare Truthers say.

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