A man of Sterling character

Today, a team owner can sit with his mistress at games, give her millions of dollars in gifts, precipitate a lawsuit from the old coot’s wife demanding return of their community property — and none of that even merits a mention in the first 14 paragraphs of the scandal stories about him.

Yes, what he said about blacks — under the ham-handedly leading questions of his mistress — was nasty. You were expecting this guy to be a prince on race relations? Perhaps if a little more attention had been paid to Sterling’s years of whoring, we wouldn’t be so shocked at his trashy comments about black people.

About a decade ago, Sterling sued a prostitute he had been seeing, for the return of property he had given to — as he called her — this “$500-a-trick freak.”

The man who is terrified of being seen as a racist opened up about his ruttings with a prostitute in a 2003 deposition that he knew would be part of the public record. This wasn’t forced out of him: Again, he sued her.

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