Democratic Governors' Association declines to prioritize Wendy Davis

Amid consistently poor polling numbers and key policy positions often indistinguishable from her Republican counterpart, the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) withheld State Senator Wendy Davis from its targeted race list for 2014. Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin dashed hopes by reminding party supporters that Texas has been a reliably red state for two decades.

The announcement was made at a gathering of the Third Way think tank, according to the Wall Street Journal. Party leaders have instead opted to focus offensive operations for governors’ mansions in the Midwest to include Pennsylvania and Ohio—states carried by President Obama in 2012. Florida remains a consistent prize as well.

The DGA’s reduced support for Davis should come as no surprise for voters closely watching the race against Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Latest Public Policy Polling found that not only was Davis failing to close the overall gap with her Republican rival, but her disapproval rating among women was staggering as well. Though Davis does enjoy better name ID among with voters, Abbott led her 51 to 37 percent in a heads-up survey.

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