How I made my peace with princess culture

I’d like to offer that by shielding our girls from Princess Imagery, we are creating more Lena Dunhams not fewer. Girls, like everyone, shouldn’t shy away from self improvement or critical feedback. Ban Bossy was wrong-headed for the same reason. We should be raising girls tough enough to see a Disney princess and say she’s pretty and move along with their daily lives. We can’t do that by hiding them from her as a girl. As a woman you are going to run into millions of situations in life where you aren’t the funniest, most attractive, kindest, or best dressed woman in the room. It’s better to accept that as true and develop some resilience about it than to let it bother you.

My heart melts every time I see my 2-year-old amongst her preschool friends in the play yard just spinning away in her princess dress she insisted wearing on top of her outfit because she’s so clearly happy. In the end, that matters more to me than a hypothetical threat from a Pretend Princess.

Plus if you’re an American, the world has already decided that you are more fortunate and more attractive. Enjoy it.

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