Where no Dem has gone before: A pro-ObamaCare ad

The suburban Philadelphia congresswoman, seeking the Democrat nomination for governor, not only extolled ObamaCare’s virtues in her ad; she called out her rivals on social media, in press releases and on MSNBC for not being equally pro-ObamaCare. “I’m proud of it. And I believe the other Democrats in this race should also speak up and talk about their pride in this law,” she said.

If this is how she genuinely feels, then at least give her credit for standing up for her principles. But if she is using the issue as a wedge to escape her poor polling, then it only strengthens the notion that ObamaCare is poison for Democrats.

Schwartz, the early frontrunner in the gubernatorial race and the darling of Washington elites, fell behind as the primary field grew. The most recent Franklin & Marshall College polls show her trailing York County businessman Tom Wolf; he holds strong 33-percent support, while she is at 7 percent and hoping to persuade the 46 percent of Democrats who are undecided.

And she is doing it by bragging about her “pride” in ObamaCare.

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